Sanitize vs. Disinfect

At a time when cleanliness is on everyone’s mind, Scandinavian wants to take this opportunity to shed some light on the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting. Sanitizing is meant to reduce, not kill, the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi whereas disinfecting a surface will “kill” the microscopic organisms that may be on [...]

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HIRING: Owner Operators

Scandinavian Building Services is a second-generation family owned and operated business servicing Canadians across Canada since 1956. We offer full-service janitorial and building maintenance services to our clients. We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic Owner Operators to partner with in Saint John, Brunswick. All you need is: • Business License • GST/HST Number • [...]

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Owner Operator On-Boarding Training

On-boarding training is vital to the success of our Owner Operators. It’s tailored to the customer’s scope of work, expectations, best practices, safety, and customer service. Our team is trained on the unique needs of every location before they even start the job. By empowering our Owner Operators with this knowledge, we set them up [...]

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Volunteering – Scandinavian Gives Back

Giving back to the local community is very important to Scandinavian! We recently visited @e4calberta to help with assembling school snacks for their School Snack Program that supports over 630 students all summer long. We had so much fun doing it and can’t wait to be back next year! #volunteering #volunteeringisfun #e4c #scandifamily #givingback #bekind  

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We Are Hiring!

We are looking for Energetic and Enthusiastic Owner Operators for contracts in Atlantic Canada! Various locations across Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick available! Scandinavian Building Services strives to provide an exceptional work environment, to partner with those who are proud to wear the Scandinavian uniform, and employees who share our commitment in excellence. As an [...]

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Ongoing Equipment Training

Training is vital to Scandinavian’s success! Whether it’s our cleaner, Account Manager, or VP, training is provided on everything. Equipment training is being conducted today at the Edmonton office with our suppliers and partners, @nilfiskukie and @pioneereclipseus. These gentlemen are teaching our team how to use equipment correctly, about preventative maintenance methods, and so much more. This type [...]

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Scandinavian wins Canada’s Best Managed Companies Designation

Local Business Wins Canada-Wide Designation Edmonton, AB – March 7, 2019 – Scandinavian Building Services was recognized for overall business performance and sustained growth with the prestigious Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation. The 2019 Best Managed program award winners are amongst the best-in-class of Canadian owned and managed companies with revenues over $15 million demonstrating [...]

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How clean is your smartphone?

A recent poll showed that on average every 10 minutes Canadians check their phones. No doubt, we are living in a time when our smart phones are our lifeline. Have you ever thought that a toilet seat could actually be holding less bacteria than your smart phone? The answer is shocking! Recent studies show that [...]

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Tips for Long-Lasting Floor Shine

From: Tips for long-lasting floor shine, Cleanlink Keeping floors at top shine can be hard work! Below are some helpful suggestions. Top dos and don’ts to ease the process and improve the outcome of shiny floors: DO dust mop daily and before burnishing or spray buffing to avoid grinding dirt into the finish. Skipping this [...]

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Cleaning Tips for the Cold & Flu Season

Cold & flu season has approached us and it’s time to do our due diligence on keeping our touch points sanitized. Scandinavian Building Services provides their clients with increased touch point sanitization during winter months as a value-added service. Top Touch Points to Keep Clean to Avoid Catching the Cold Bug! Hand Railings   These [...]

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